Serving You

The loan-level information contained within MSP is critical to your business, and access to that information is equally important. That's why BKFS is proud to deliver Web Direct - an easy to use Web portal that enables authorized third-party servicers to tie into this priceless data resource.

You can now authorize more access to more information for more users, linking them all to the abundant information within MSP. The intuitive interface of Web Direct enables employees, settlement agents, branch tellers, investors and others to easily access the MSP information they need to improve efficiencies and streamline operations.

What is

Web Direct?

The POWER of MSP through the CONVENIENCE of the INTERNET

  • Quick, convenient access to MSP Information
  • Full or filtered access for authorized users
  • Intuitive Web Interface enables easy online information retrieval with limited training
  • Secure, cost effective availability of MSP information to a broader audience
  • No software installation or implementation worries
  • Implement Web Direct in just weeks

Dynamic Loan View

Dynamic Loan View answers the challenge faced by businesses needing simple, easy access to loan information housed on BKFS' Mortgage Servicing Package (MSP).

  • Administrative controls allow company administrators to manage both the functional views and the loans which can be accessed by end users of Dynamic Loan View.
  • Filtering criteria can be set to ensure that users have access only to the loans they need to carry out their assigned business functions.
  • Servicers' contract, temporary or remote employees can view information on loans filtered by various parameters such as property state and loan number.
  • Dynamic Loan View provides uniformity in the way information is presented across the loan portfolios serviced on MSP.
  • No need for costly development.
  • There's no need for users to know anything about MSP. Minimal administrative training is required.

View Maker

View maker within Web Direct provides the ability for customizable read-only views with user defined blocks of MSP loan information.

  • Companies can choose from about 1,800 fields to design their own views of data elements based on their business need.
  • Providers have the ability to build blocks of data that can be made available to third party vendors.
  • Data Elements can be categorized and named for users to see pertinent data blocks.

Payoff Express

Payoff Express addresses the inherent inefficiencies in the delivery of payoff quotes from MSP servicers to title and settlement agents.

  • Using Web Direct as the Internet delivery channel, Payoff Express allows authorized users to obtain payoff quotes in a standard format from the servicer community at large.
  • For servicers, Payoff Express speeds delivery of payoff quotes, auto-generates payoff letters and maintains an MSP record of quoted payoffs, based on lender guidelines and parameters.
  • Payoff Express also features the automatic generation of amended payoff quotes as loan conditions change, to ensure reliance on the most up-to-date payoff information.
  • Once authorized by your company administrator, simply logon from this page to access Payoff Express via Web Direct and enjoy up-to-the-minute payoff quotes in a secure environment.