Check out the new features and enhancements released to production.

WIT View

This release modifies the FEMA Disaster field on the main WIT page under Hardship. The field is required and no longer conditional. No is the default value.

WIT View - New Workout Type

This release adds functionality to support EMOD - Extend Modification and impacts the following:

         Main WIT View - Prior Workout Info - Workout Type

         Main WIT View - Workout Type - Included Workout Type

         Last WIT Activity - View Details Request/Response Information tab

         Last WIT Activity - Request/Response PDF

         Last WIT Activity - Export Request/Response XML

         WIT Management Report


Known Issues

The following known issues exist in this release.

WIT Last Activity

Issue: The user is unable to see current information in the WIT Last Activity section of the main WIT page.

Workaround: Click Return on the Response page or refresh the main WIT page.